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Wasteland Microcosm

The Lost World – Left Over of East Germany after 25 years of unification.

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This week on November 9th 25 ears ago at 7 pm the polit büro of the German Democratic Republic annouced the opening of the wall. Three hours later thousands crossed in Berlin the border from east to west to visit West-Berlin. This event became the beginning of the end of the East German Republic.

Kurdish Protestors Destroy Fences at the Syrian Border


People who gathered at Mursitpınar entry point of Turkish Border break the fences crossing to Syrian side for the solidarity with Kurds fleeing from brutal attacks by the IS. IS attacks continue to capture the border town of Kobani, hundreds of Kurds have fled the town and surrounding villages since last Friday September 26th, crossing into Turkey.

I love death

Are we still the same “youth leader” comrades from the past?


The revolutionary movement of Syria not only asked for a political change when it took the streets in 2011, but also to reaffirm the existence of individuality in society.

Yazidis Escaping the Islamic State


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  • Close to the Turkish town of Silopi on the border to Iraq.
  • Yazidi survivors come to the Turkish border near Roboski with the help of PYD and PKK.
  • Old people are transported by car and people who cross the border are being placed in Roboski, Turkey and around.
  • Yazidi survivors come to the border Iraq/Turkey with the help of PYD and PKK.
  • People who arrive to the camp in Silopi, Turkey, collapse from exhaustion after their tough trip that last for days.
  • About 2500 Yazidis fleeing their hometown started to settle in camps in Turkey while masses of them waiting to cross into.
  • Tens of thousand of Yazidis escape from their ancient homeland of Sinjar and other villages after the attacks and mass executions of Islamic State (IS) militants.
  • One of Yazidi expectant mothers in Silopi Camp. Some of the pregnant women give birth in the camp while some do on their way to Turkey.

Yasin Akgül from NarPhotos collective, Istanbul documented the escape of more then 2500 Yazidis fleeing their hometown in Iraq. They started to settle in camps in Turkey while masses of them waiting to cross into Turkey. Families in Turkey shelter the survivors and fulfil their needs. Elementary schools become shelter for the thousands of Yazidi. Water is the main shortage of the people walked through a tough trip on Sinjar mountains.

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