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Abandoned Berlin – Blubbering Mess


Blub, short for Berliner Luft- und Badeparadies (Berlin Air and Bathing Paradise), first opened in Britz beside the Teltow Canal at a cost of 44 million Deutschmark in February 1985. The “bathing paradise” quickly became one of West Berlin’s most popular swimming pool centers. They were humans initially.

ISIS Destruction and Looting of Antiquities

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  • Destruction of what appears to be a Sufi Shrine
  • Destruction of what appears to be a Sufi Shrine
  • A photo posted by ISIS showing the destruction of religious sites
  • Destroyed Armenian Genocide Memorial in Syria
  • A mosque being blown up by ISIS

The rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) has seen untold damage done to the Middle East’s cultural heritage sites.

Santa’s Christmas Workshop in Yiwu


Santa’s Christmas Workshop look like a sequin-covered slaughterhouse. Santa’s hat and the ornaments you hang on your tree aren’t made somewhere at Arctic Circle by eleves: they are made in sweatshops in the Chinese city of Yiwu, about 300 kilometers from Shanghai. It looks like the artist Anish Kapoor has been let loose with his wax cannon again.

The Dream Lives On


The award-winning young Palestinian photographer Niraz Saied reflects on life in the war-torn refugee camp in Syria of Yarmouk. 23-year-old Saied was born and raised in Yarmouk refugee camp on the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Wasteland Microcosm

The Lost World – Left Over of East Germany after 25 years of unification.

CFE 04

This week on November 9th 25 ears ago at 7 pm the polit büro of the German Democratic Republic annouced the opening of the wall. Three hours later thousands crossed in Berlin the border from east to west to visit West-Berlin. This event became the beginning of the end of the East German Republic.

Sense of Time

Sense of Time is the first interactive module of the Cultural Internet Platform InEnArt.

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