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by Wetrobots

Wetrobots + Bosaina is an electro clash band out of Cairo, Egypt, which is fresh and exciting in this really hard to describe way, so we won’t try.

Tear Gas brothers

Why bye

The protesters around Gezi Park united as Tear Gas brothers in the past two weeks.

Tear Gas is a chemical weapon. Tear gas works by irritating mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs, and causes crying, sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, pain in the eyes, temporary blindness, etc. Exposure on skin may cause chemical burns.

The Ghost Town

“Twenty-five years ago the entire 50,000 population of the Ukrainian town of Pripyat was evacuated within three hours. They left most of what they had here as they were told they are leaving only for a couple of days, but none of them has ever returned. The last thing they saw upon leaving their hometown was the forth block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, devastated by a powerful explosion.”

Made by RT.com

Clashes with the Police

emekThe Emek Sinemasi (cinema) was quoted as being the most elegant cinema in Istanbul and was one of the last remaining ‘movie palaces’ to survive in Turkey. It is said it was one of the most beautiful cinemas in Turkey… maybe even in all of Europe! It was located just off the Istiklal Caddesi in the busy Beyoglu district of downtown Istanbul.

They cut…. my bearing


I cut. You cut. He/She cuts. We cut. You cut. They cut. –

Finding your Bearing?  Preview of our new section about counter culture and the secret history about subversive tendencies in art in the 20th century invented by Asger Jorn and Guy Debord (1957)

The Transformation of Pierre Loti

an afternoon in Eyüp-İstanbul from InEnArt on Vimeo.

Pierre Loti is a famous place in Istanbul for drinking tea and having a marvelous view over the Bosphorus. Loti was a french (1850 – 1923) novelist and naval officer, who had published rather orientalist views on Istanbul in his autobiographical book “Aziayzde”. It is told, that he took notes on this hill above the mosque of Eyüp.

Someone had told me, that Pierre Loti Café would be demolished. Although I have to admit, that I haven’t been there for years, I rushed to Eyüp, took the Teleferik and: was startled. The cosy place has changed. You are in Disneyland a la Turca now. What a horrible Kitsch!!!

Anyway the old Café is still there, it has the best view anyway. The rest is just funny and amazing to watch. You can pose as a Sultan in a cheap made Kaftan.

Noone should criticize the “magnificent century, a TV serial about Süleyman the magnificent, as a Falsification of history any more. What you find at the hill of Pierre Loti is the most stupid version of ugliest Historism. Beside you can drink expensive tea and Cola Turca.

The next trip will go to Ayvansaray, I have seen from the Bus to Eyüp, that demolitions are actually happening there.

Music: Eyüp Darko Taymur: Karalama Kampanyası

The Transformation of Taksim Squere http://senseoftime.inenart.eu/?p=2692

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