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The Transformation of Pierre Loti

an afternoon in Eyüp-İstanbul from InEnArt on Vimeo.

Pierre Loti is a famous place in Istanbul for drinking tea and having a marvelous view over the Bosphorus. Loti was a french (1850 – 1923) novelist and naval officer, who had published rather orientalist views on Istanbul in his autobiographical book “Aziayzde”. It is told, that he took notes on this hill above the mosque of Eyüp.

Someone had told me, that Pierre Loti Café would be demolished. Although I have to admit, that I haven’t been there for years, I rushed to Eyüp, took the Teleferik and: was startled. The cosy place has changed. You are in Disneyland a la Turca now. What a horrible Kitsch!!!

Anyway the old Café is still there, it has the best view anyway. The rest is just funny and amazing to watch. You can pose as a Sultan in a cheap made Kaftan.

Noone should criticize the “magnificent century, a TV serial about Süleyman the magnificent, as a Falsification of history any more. What you find at the hill of Pierre Loti is the most stupid version of ugliest Historism. Beside you can drink expensive tea and Cola Turca.

The next trip will go to Ayvansaray, I have seen from the Bus to Eyüp, that demolitions are actually happening there.

Music: Eyüp Darko Taymur: Karalama Kampanyası

The Transformation of Taksim Squere http://senseoftime.inenart.eu/?p=2692

Oklahoma Meditation


Somewhere in Oklahoma

I stand in an Econolodge parking lot in the dead of night, bronzed by the glow of the Walmart and McDonalds logos across the street. Sodium lights burn in the chilly dark and the only sound is the highway, which sounds like the sea.

Crack The Surface

“Question : If there was to be a third episode, what would you want to see it in? More of the same, something new, less interviews, more interviews? Please email suggestions to contact@crackthesurface.com”

Episode II takes a look at a small collection of explorers from across the pond in America and Canada, focusing on their participation and experiences within their local and global exploring community.

Filmed over six weeks resulting in over 1.5TB of raw footage from locations such as New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Montreal.


Exploring the Soviet-era Abandoned Buildings

Guest article by Seamus Murphy of Trenditionist at urbanghostsmedia


If you visit the city of Chemnitz in the German Free State of Saxony, your first impression is going to be distinctly Soviet. You might regret you came, even wishing you went to one of Germany’s more alluring destinations like Munich, Hamburg or Berlin. But it’s important to persevere, because hidden under Chemnitz’s grey and gritty exterior, it’s possible to unearth a plethora of historical riches.

Not far away from the beautiful city of Dresden, Chemnitz was named Karl-Marx-Stadt between 1953 and 1990. German reunification tore the heart out of the city’s traditional industrial backbone. Struggling to compete in a new Germany driven by economic powerhouses in cities like Munich and Stuttgart, Chemnitz started to decline. Its factories and apartment blocks were torn down or abandoned as people flooded west in search of new opportunities.

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Revolution of Everyday Life by Marc Lafia

Two young women meet in an explosive and highly emotional love story where love, art and revolution ignite.

In this film 9 women record themselves being alone. At times they get together as an experimental arts collective hotly debating the value of their private work and whether to do public performances. Two of them fall in love. One becomes obsessed with the other and simultaneously imagines an idealized love while the other wants her to find the revolutionary part of herself. Revolution of Everyday Life is a document of actresses playing actresses who play characters that fall in love. It is at the same time a love story that happens in the realm of fiction and in the realm of recorded reality. The result is a documentary film within a fictional one. The film becomes a site not for representation but discovery. It is a structure for things to happen, it becomes the site for performing, not acting, not re-presenting desire, but to enact it – it is a longing for politic of desire and an expression of its urgency.

Revolution of Everyday Life, Trailer 1:27

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