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100 Years ago the World was at the Brink of WW I


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  • Conrad Felixmüller, People across the world, in memory of Liebknecht and Luxemburg, 1919
  • Otto Dix, Dead mean before the position near Tahure-The war, 1924
  • "be tributary to the authorities", part of 17 drawings of George Grosz for the Theatre-Performance "Schwejik" at the avantgarde Piscator-stage in Berlin, 1928
  • "March march Hurrah" Lithografie by Erich Büttner in the German magazine "Kriegszeit-Künstlerflugblätter" (Wartimes-artists's leaflets) , 1914
  • Willy Jäckel, Memento, 1914-1915
  • Charlotte Berend, Anita Berber, 1919

In July 1914 WW I started as a global war concentrated on Europe. It lasted until November 1918. Around 14 million combatants were killed.

A time capsule, full of treasures

Inside the Paris apartment untouched for 70 years: Treasure trove finally revealed after owner locked up and fled at outbreak of WWII


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Madame de Florian was a French socialite and actress who fled to the south of France during World War II.

Rafet Arslan: Library of Babel 2, Successive Totems and other Stories


  • Barbarosundüşüşü

  • Damien

  • Bırakişıklaracıkkalsın

  • The fall of Barbaros
  • Let's leave the lights on

Library of Babel 2- “Successive Totems and other Stories”

Rafet Arslan is questioning the relationship between a Totem as an item of eternity and icons, that got pseudo Totems of our daily life and consumerism. The Chanel-bottle, Car-brands and genderbased icons got Totems of a lifestyle, that is falsly confused with an eternity it doesn’t include.

Abandoned Iraqi embassy in Berlin

They must have just left the Iraqi Embassy to East Germany (German Democratic Republic or GDR) with no notice at all. “We’re leaving. Pack your bags and get out!” They didn’t even bother to clear their desks. Almost 20 years later the telephones, rusty typewriters and telex machines still sit on desks, along with manuals and lists of phone numbers. There was even toilet paper still on a roll beside the smashed up cistern!


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Last Supper


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  • Cameron Todd Willingham, executed for murder in 2004, presumed innocent in 2010.
  • Ruben Cantu, executed for murder in 1993, presumed innocent in 2005 (then proven innocent in 2010).
  • Claude Howard Jones, executed for murder in 2000, presumed innocent in 2010.
  • David Spence, executed for murder in 1997, presumed innocent in 2000.
  • Leo Jones, executed for murder in 1998, even though presumed innocent since 1993.

British artist James Reynolds recreates the last meal of prisoners before execution. So long as it’s nearby and under $40, you can get just about anything for your last meal.

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