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Hidden City

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Urban Exploration in Istanbul: exploring the first intercontinal tunnel under the Bosphorus, connecting Istanbul’s Asian and European sides via an undersea commuter train line: the Marmaray project.

Night Sight on Istiklal


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  • Everyday nearly 3 million people visit Istiklal Avenue, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Atif Yilmaz Street is named after the movie director Atif Yilmaz Batibeki of Kurdish origin, it shows the dark side of Beyoglu, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Queer party at a night club Istiklal Avenue is the center of entertainment, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Old barber shop at Tokatlıyan Building which used to be a luxury hotel, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Youngsters dance the halay on Istiklal Avenue, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Some mucisians play on Istiklal Avenue just to perform while some struggle to earn a living, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Snack shack and lottery outlet in the entrance of Narmanli Han which was constructed in 1831, Photo - Serra Akcan

Everyday nearly 3 million people visit Istiklal Avenue which was called Cadde-i Kebir (Grand Avenue) during the Ottoman Period

Feminity as a Fetish: Turkey and Germany

In 1961 Germany and Turkey signed an agreement about the migration of Turkish workers to Germany. In the 70th Turkish movies about this subject were produced either in a dramatic or comedian style. The Gerta- or Helga- movies were comedies about Turkish wifes and German mistresses competing for Murat or Şaban. The movie “A Turkish Girl in Germany” from 1974 was one of them.

Sense of Time

Sense of Time is the first interactive module of the Cultural Internet Platform InEnArt.

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