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Mother Nature

Written by Thomas Büsch on . Posted in Sustainability, The Passenger

by Anonymous ART of Revolution

Because ART never Fail!

The “Anonymous ART of Revolution” page is inspired by the Anonymous Idea and the Occupy movement. Any “open minded” information and ART that will make you think again or touches your subconscious will be published. WE share LOVE and promote PEACE in the broadest sense of those words and we Stand Together because we believe in the One World concept. The concept that we are all connected.

We try to show that how we live our lives, effects other humans and the environment at home and elsewhere in the world. And conversely, what happens there affects us here. We ask ourselves how the economical, political and environmental interactions are interwoven to each other. How can we positively influence those processes? What can WE do ourselves? We will try to challenge one to think about our own habits, our own behaviour, our own way of life but we will also provoke the economical and political establishment, even disturb them, in search for truth. We don’t pretend to know the truth. The truth is like milk temporarily kept untill it reaches the expiration date. It is the nature of the human species to reject what is true but unpleasant and to embrace what is obviously false but comforting. Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. Let us try to create a new reality. Another world is possible!

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