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Robert Gernhardt’s 75th birthday

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  • People with masks
  • We are all wearing masks
  • We are passing through our lives with masks on
  • To know the reason why
  • Is a privilige of god

Creator and Creatures

On the 7th day god was resting and said:
I really went through something,

I created humans and amphibians,
both were a total failure

I created storcks, pikes,
it went worthward
they should be roasted meal at once

I created night and light,
they got decent,
I couldn’t give more

I created universe and void,
I fear, it wasn’t useful.
Anyway, we’ll see.

(Robert Gernhardt from: Achim Frenz, Unsern täglichen Witz gib uns
heute, Frankfurt 2001, S.8 u.9)

Robert Gernhardt was born in Talinn (dt. Reval in Estland) at the
13th of December 1937 as the son of a German Baltic family. His
mother had to flee to the West while the father died in war.

Gernhardt studied Fine Arts and German Literature in Stuttgart and
Berlin. He was a Painter, Writer, Illustrator and Cartoonist.
Since the 1960th. Gernhardt was one of the Key figures of the
critical Cartoon and Satire Art scene in Germany.

He was one of the founders of the “New  School of Frankfurt”. The
group started publishing the Satire magazine Titanic in 1979.

Gernhardt died from Cancer 2006.

Beside the magazine Titanic the Satire Festival Caricatura in Kassel
and the Cartoon Museum in Frankfurt are continuing the work of
the New school of Frankfurt in Germany.

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