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“De Technocraat” (2003) vom Atelier van Lieshout

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De Technocraat (2003) is a work by the artist community “Atelier van Lieshout” from Rotterdam. It’s exhibited at SALT Beyoğlu as part of the exhibition:



The artist community was founded in 1995. It uses all kinds of artistic tools  -graphics, conceptual works, walk-in- objects….

the human environment – housing, nutrition, reproduction, movement, cleaning and all kinds of bodyfunctions- are a matter of continous artistic questioning for them

the community Atelier van Lieshout founded its own state in the harbour of Rotterdamm in 2001, they call it AVL-Ville, it has its own currency, a self supplying economical structure, its own constitution, its own flag…. AVL-Ville is an alternative draft to the state authorities with its monopolizing power instruments

the work De Technocraat (2003) is showing a closed circle of feeding, alcoholconsumption and the production of excrements and energy

in this system human beings, called burgher,  exist by supplying basic materials to each others; the biogas produced by the excrements of one burgher supplys the other burgher with energy for cooking and for producing alcohol, this basic nutrition keeps burghers going…

the circle is based on four single procedures, which are supplied with instructions  in the art work; everyone can learn how to operate this system easily

Atelier von Lieshout doesn’t follow any ideological utopia, it is operated with market strategies, but it pursuits to deliver as much of freedom to the artists as possible


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