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“Ride the Caspian” von Almagul Menlibayeva and Bahar Behbahani

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Videoinstllation by Almagul Menlibayeva und Bahar Behbahani in the show “Aftermath” at Aksanat-Istiklal Caddesi Beyoğlu (14. März bis 28. April 2012)

Five countries are surrounding the Caspian Sea: Russia, Aserbaidschan, Turkmenistan, Kasachstan and Iran.

Almagul Menlibayeva und Bahar Behbahani call the Videoinstallation “Ride the Caspian” (2011). They are projecting fictional pictures of the shores of the Caspian sea on two screens. They are running like a simulated dialogue between the Near East and Central Asia.

Almgul Menlibayeva is an artist from Kasachstans. She studied painting and caught attention with her perfomances. Nowadays she’s working with photos and videos.

The artist is exploring the traditions of her homeland, which is influenced by the sowjet occupation and the spreading modernity of the postsowjet time. Women and her work getting instrumentalized by politics are her main theme. In “Ride the Caspian” she is contrasting the postindustrial landscape of the postsowjet ara with symbols of Kasach Nomads. Kasachs already were comlied by the Russian tsar.

These pictures are corresponding with pictures from Iranian artist Bahar Behbahani. She is showing agriculture and urbanism in the old rooted Perian culture.

Behbehani was born in Tehran in 1973. She witnessed the revolution, eight years of the Iranian Iraqui war and all the contradictions of life.

Unsecurity, supression, hope and extremes are the patterns of her history. In her works Behbehani is dealing with topics like love, identity, femaleness, moral and freedom. They are reflecting the suspense packed relationship between tenderness and violense, cultural rooted brutality and family ideologies.

In “Ride the Caspian” she is connecting the industrial landscape of the Caspian sea with scenes of persian daily life. The family atmosphere is broken by the the surrounding. The drilling island in the background appears like a always present threat. The spectator is left with mixed emotions.

Forgotton realities, false narrations and personal involvements in these items are the focus of “Aftermath”. The exhibition shows works by Adel Abidin, Ayman Yossri Daydban, Ceren Oykut, Constantinos Taliotis, Ipek Duben, Ozgül Ezgin, Rheim Alkadhi, Yane Calovski und Almagul Menlibayeva and Bahar Behbahani.

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