Roza&Rüzgar: In The Kitchen Of Hell

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Roza&Rüzgar is a graphic novel about a phantastic Journey connecting Europe and the Middle East. The story is inspired by several Journeys Thomas Büsch and Sabine Küper-Büsch made to the Southeast of Turkey, Northern Iraq and Syria. Technically Photographs and Stills of Videofootage are edited, drawings and other items are combined with a specific Computer Software. Parts of the reality are fusing with fiction.

In the first Chapter Humanrights activist Roza is travelling from Cologne to Erbil due to the refugee crisis. She is visiting a camp and is searching for someone specific. A mysterious woman is tranferring her with a magic potion to Rakka in the shape of an Ankara Cat. Roza is meeting tomcat Rüzgar at her arrival but she is captured by the brigade of the sisters without mercy. At their headquarters she is closed to a hamam, the torture centers of the female brigade as Roza is learning from other captured cats.

Meanwhile Rüzgar also reaches the headquarters and enters the building via a secret tunnel. He is in search for his chinese friend Chan in the kitchen part, where he is working as a cook. Chan and Rüzgar are planning to organize a resistance against the mercyless brigade from inside the headquarters. Roza shall play a keyrole in this plan.

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The novel is going to continue. We will learn who Roza is searching for and why. Rüzgar will be Roza’s main companion, two cats at the brink of a world full of madness, like we face it today.


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