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The New Unity Of Intolerance

Written by Sabine Küper on . Posted in Feed the Sense



To be sick and tired of the commercial celebration of Christmas, Santa Claus, Noel Baba, Ded Moros or however we are calling the big man with the white beard is something of anyones choice. It’s big success as a major seller of presents and food started with a campaign for Coca Cola in the Fifties just after WWII.

Surprisingly a new unity of “peacemakers” from different cultures trying to call for the “real understanding” of good and evil is on the run.  Let’s have a look at the similarity of their fine criticism and solution perspectives.


  • the-real-santamondodiabolo
  • the_marxist_who_stole_christmas_postcard-rb61e0ac1ae904a2db9da0c959b647e95_vgbaq_8byvr_324
  • 363b69540d1da77b46d244d494565c62
  • santa-vs-jesus-detail
  • Satan Santa is a Fetish of fundamentalist Christians against non-religous Christmas-Customs: Devil Santa bewitching Beleivers.
  • Anti-Obama Campaign of the Tea-Party using Santa Claus items
  • Fundamentalis Christian Cartoon against "sinful Christmas celebrations"
  • Modern Version of the "Faith against Fun"-Motive


Satan or Şeytan as the source of evil in the world is a propaganda motive internationally sucessful. It could be a new icon for a global understanding of the “evil in the other”. In this sense it is fascinating how similar the esthetics and the targets are. Christian fundamentalists see Santa Claus as an image of the Anti-Christ, an awful brute, rep ad lecher violating the image of the inncocent Baby Jesus following a path of suffering to save the world.

Islamist Fundamentalist see Santa as a demon symbolizing “the West” and are warning all the people in the Muslim World to share Western values and Customs. They should be aware, aqctually their way of demonizing is very Western, that is a serious contradiction of the united Fundamentalists. They are brothers and sisters in arms!


  • yilbasişeytan
  • index
  • Düşmanların
  • indexschlag
  • Şeytan Santa bewitching Beleivers
  • Not the international powers involved, Santa is producing weapons and war
  • Cartoon against "sinful New Years celebrations" as the celebretations of the enemy "Allah said, don't celebrate the celebrations of the enemy"
  • Fight for your right as a sofisticated message for a better world


Hohoho: ehe New Unity for saving the world, I hope they are starting to follow the peace-*messages they are continously violating so ignorant.



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