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I associatively connect everything together! My eye moves continuously in the space surrounding me, I experience things connected in time and space… I expose long time to make more visible. In this exposure time something is changing , something with the naked eye can not discern…

‘nachtbilder’ (night pictures) by Bernhard Winkler (Berlin)


Ragıp Zarakolu yesterdayrain, tears of joy, tears of fear, hush hush

A specially authorized Istanbul court ruled yesterday to release prominent publisher and human rights activist Ragıp Zarakolu (65) and 14 others who had been arrested in connection with the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) trials.

Zarakolu didn’t expect the sudden release, which in fact is the result of a lot of campaigning in Turkey and worldwide. So he is carrying his personal stuff under plastic bags in a shopping car due to the sudden starting rain. Hurrying as if being scared, that authorities might change their mind.


Bayburt is located between Erzurum and Trabzon at the river Çoruh.

The fortress was in fact first built by Romans, but it was recycled and added to by many others. Marco Polo (1254–1324 and Evliya Çelebi (1611 – 1682) mention it in their reports.

Today the old historical houses need restauration very badly. Old handcrafts like the blacksmithing are fading and replaced by the “modern” plastic world.

In some villages the ehram is still used as a veiling dress.

But maybe theres a way to smooth the gap between old and new times.or a way to put it in a productive, creative discourse?! Have also a look at Baksi museum, it’s located close to Bayburt. http://senseoftime.inenart.eu/?p=890

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