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Karaköy Fishmarket: the demolition of fun


The Fishmarket in Karaköy has been one of this magic places in Istanbul. Just beside the Galata Bridge, you would dive into an atmosphere of healthy good food, a smell of freshness, wonderful colors and very friendly, modest sellers never charging too much. A Solmon for 5 Dollars, can you imagine? A Kilogram of seasonal fish was even cheaper. Streetsellers would sell fresh squeezed orange juice, some fishermen would offer grilled fresh fish. Whenever I felt down, Karaköy Fish market was a spot to gain lot’s of positive energy.

Exploding Bulbs

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is jumping for catching the moon. But what seems to result in a clear victory might also be the beginning of a rapid decline.When Erdoğan was mayor of Istanbul, the security court sent him to prison. After his release he overthrew his former patron Necmettin Erbakan.He changed the style of the Islamist’s agitation.

Erich Mühsam: a short life for anarchism and poetry

  • Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1981-003-08,_Erich_Mühsam

  • 330px-Erich_und_Zenzl_Mühsam_-_Mutter_Erde_fec

  • 330px-Erich_Mühsam_Stolperstein

  • Fanal

  • Erich Mühsam, aged 50
  • Mühsam's gravestone in Berlin, Waldfriedhof Dahlem. In memoriam his wife Zenzl Mühsam
  • stumblestone in front of the Buddenbrookhouse, a museum in Lübeck, in the cellar you find some items of Erich Mühsam
  • First edition of Fanal (1926)

Erich Muehsam was born in Berlin on April 6, 1878. While his brother Hans became a physician and his sister Charlotte married Leo Landau, a lawyer, Erich chose a different path and became an anarchist author, poet, and publisher.


  • superpenner

  • penner2

  • Beer is his magic potion
  • He is saving the poor and is punishing the discriminators

If you still think, Germans have a lack of humour get to know “Superpenner” (Superhomeless), the Superhero of a Comicstrip published in the homeless-magazine “Strassenfeger” (Streetsweeper).

Sense of Time

Sense of Time is the first interactive module of the Cultural Internet Platform InEnArt.

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