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Children’s Day with F.K. Waechter – F.K. Waechter ile Çoçuk Bayramı

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  • She was the woman of my life - O hayatımın kadınıydı
  • Such small feet - Şöyle ufacık ayaklar
  • And such breasts - ve bu boyutta göğüsler
  • The king of the sqirrels is changing his tree - Sincapların kralı yeni ağaçına geçiyor
  • Dad, please let grandma in - Baba lütfen ninenın içeriye girmesine izin ver
  • This is a special offer. The "Third world-doll", she is even able to say "I am hungry" - Bu indirimli üçünçü dünya oyuncak bebeğimiz. Açım bile söyleyebiliyor
  • The Letter - Mektup
  • If you can't read this letter properly, it's because of this terrible pad - Şu mektubu iyi okuyamadığın takdirde kötü altlıktanndan kaynaklanıyor

He is the only German artist, who isn’t ridiculed by the title “magnificant Friedrich”.

The Ghost Town

“Twenty-five years ago the entire 50,000 population of the Ukrainian town of Pripyat was evacuated within three hours. They left most of what they had here as they were told they are leaving only for a couple of days, but none of them has ever returned. The last thing they saw upon leaving their hometown was the forth block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, devastated by a powerful explosion.”

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In The Realm of Rare and Analogous Accidents

“Inspired by the larger than life cinema history of Texas, Los Americanos by the Iranian artist Morehshin Allahyari explores the ephemeral through various cinema metaphors for identity, history and culture. Each artist has created his or her own independent project examining everyday life in Texas – past, present or future.

The “Russian Banksy” Is Dead

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  • Oversized glasses with one arm made from a lamppost, the rest drawn in snow.
  • A rioter with a flare on an overpass. At night, flames were lit on the piece.
  • Riot police on subway doors.Production: Constructing the sign
  • At a Moscow bus stop.

He died last night. Known as Pasha 183, he was only 28 years old. Let’s look at some of his amazing Moscow street art.

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The Baghdad Railway Brigade

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  • Postcard from 1914, German Troopa on their way to the Ottoman Empire in Wilhelmshafen, "Our Gallipoli and Palastine Warriors" is written on the front of the ship
  • Award as a devoted participant of the Baghdad Railway Brigade for F.J. Musiol signed by Enver Pasha, 1917
  • Photograph of the Brigade
  • Sabotaged wagon

After I moved to Istanbul in 1992 a friend of my parents presented a book about the Baghdad Railway to me.

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