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Night Sight on Istiklal

Written by Thomas Büsch on . Posted in Urban Chant


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  • Everyday nearly 3 million people visit Istiklal Avenue, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Atif Yilmaz Street is named after the movie director Atif Yilmaz Batibeki of Kurdish origin, it shows the dark side of Beyoglu, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Queer party at a night club Istiklal Avenue is the center of entertainment, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Old barber shop at Tokatlıyan Building which used to be a luxury hotel, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Youngsters dance the halay on Istiklal Avenue, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Some mucisians play on Istiklal Avenue just to perform while some struggle to earn a living, Photo - Serra Akcan
  • Snack shack and lottery outlet in the entrance of Narmanli Han which was constructed in 1831, Photo - Serra Akcan

Everyday nearly 3 million people visit Istiklal Avenue which was called Cadde-i Kebir (Grand Avenue) during the Ottoman Period and becoming a residential area of non-Muslims and European foreigners it was referred to as Grand Rue de Pera in the 17th century.

These photos are part of a series captured by the collective Nar Photos based in Istanbul. Nar Photos is an independent collective established in 2003 by photographers for whom documentary photography is a visual tool of  “understanding and expressing” the world.

The aim is to show the various conditions in human life. For the members the way of making  the projects  has an importance as well as the final result. In these times where producing together, sharing the knowledge, support and collectivism become an exception. They belive that the function of the images has a priority over their plastic and esthetic values.  Members do not accept what is given as the way it is, instead of staying satisfied with the answers they prefer to ask more questions. They produce photo reportages with the idea of trying to change the situation instead of admitting and protecting the existing circumstances.

Agency plans to share the work with people by using alternative methods like street exhibitions, mobile exhibitions etc. to have more effect in and intervene the daily life besides books, internet, publications, exhibitions. One of the goals of the agency is to share knowledge and experience with the young photographers by a non-profit workshop.

Watch the Night Sight on Istiklal Story at Nar Photos website


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