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Exploding Bulbs

Written by Sabine Küper on . Posted in Subversives, Urban Chant

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is jumping for catching the moon. But what seems to result in a clear victory might also be the beginning of a rapid decline.When Erdoğan was mayor of Istanbul, the security court sent him to prison. After his release he overthrew his former patron Necmettin Erbakan.He changed the style of the Islamist’s agitation. Necmettin Erbakan loved collective swearings. During the celebrations of the conquest of Istanbul in the Inönu stadium the youngsters would pledge to found a big Turkey. Erdoğan is struggling to become the ruler of the muslim world, a big Turkey is only an asset for him.But his followers are most devoted to their star. During a meeting in Istanbul parallel to the Gezi Protests, an old women screemed, “I am a hair at Erdoğan’s ass” in front of the cameras of the Turkish TV-channel n-tv. Another one shouted, “I am from the AKP, hülol!” Infact the expression hülol doesn’t exist in Turkish.

It’s a weird world, anyway Erdoğpan is one of it’s rising stars. What will he be striving for in the future?   Maybe somone convinces him to depart from earth to the big bright sky for a long ride to convert the Martians. I would appreciate it. He would be like an exploding bulb at the canopy-sky.

Her yer direniş! Everywhere is resistance!

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