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Dancing with Wolves 3

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A wolf has departed from his pride to go on a journey. The King of the Birds has send him on a trip across seven valleys.

He reaches an ancient castle on a hill overlooking a beautiful landscape. It is the Castle of the Amazons. Some Truth searchers are appearing as a threatening force. They are preparing for a combat. Who ist their enemy, what truth are they searching for?  The Wolf and a single Amazon exploring the surrounding of the castle discover the existence of the battalion of the Truth searchers.

Follow the continuation of the story on Sense of Time.

Some of the pics are transformed stills of Video Footage shot in Northers Iraq in summer 2002. It was the summer before the military intervention of US led Forces in 2003.  The female and male Peshmerga Forces were training for the fight against Saddam Hussein in that summer.

.Wolves are creatures exposed to different stages of projection by their most evil antagonists, the humans. A pride of wolves appears as a metaphor for a human reality that has nothing to do with the nature of these animals.

The introduction to this narration can be explored at http://senseoftime.inenart.eu/?p=6304, the second part you’ll find at http://senseoftime.inenart.eu/?p=6329

You can read comfortably, if you click and hold the buttons below the pages.

Artist: Sincab

“I am a graphic novelist living in Turkey. In my stories furry heroes and their companions are fighting the evil in a world massed up by human nature.”

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