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Tim Pool in Baltimore

Written by Wu Ming on . Posted in Sustainability, The Passenger

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to on the ground journalist Tim Pool at the Baltimore uprising to get a full perspective on the entire situation. In this video we lay out the arguments occurring on both sides of the issue and how the media is making the situation worse.

Timothy Pool is an award winning American journalist from Chicago, Illinois. During the Occupy Wall Street protests 2011 and the Gezi Park protests 2013 reporting earned him notoriety when he primarily reported using mobile technology for social media and live broadcasting.

90_tim-pool-02Tom Pool portrayed by Martin Ansin

Pool employs a live-chat stream in his reporting, engaging viewers as participants. This allows the viewing public to ask questions, which he can respond to live. Pool can also let his viewers direct him on where and when to go and where to point his camera.

Pool has continued to utilize new technologies for coverage of events as well as to advance journalism, such as his 2013 reporting of the Istanbul protests with Google Glasses.

Vice's Tim Pool using Google Glass“Pool has been using Glass as part of his coverage of the protests in Istanbul, Cairo and Brazil for Vice in 2013, but he’s been doing what he calls “mobile first-person” journalism since 2011, and the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York.

His livestreams attracted more than 750,000 unique viewers in a single day at the height of those protests, when police were clearing people out of their Occupy camp and trying to keep professional journalists away.

Now he’s finding audiences for his livestreams and videos through Vice’s online network, using the Livestream service for his live coverage.


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