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Drakula in Istanbul

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When Istanbul is threatened by an ancient vampire, three veterans of the Turkish War of Independence are horrified to find themselves face-to-face with their nation’s hereditary enemy. Ali Rıza Seyfioğlu boldly reworks Stoker’s classic story, retelling it from the unique perspective of a people once routed by the real-life Dracula. And accompanying its first English publication is a host of exclusive material.

Look at the funny English subtitles 6 weeks before the snap election in Turkey.

Something for Friday evening on May 11 2018. Watch the classical.

Or see Drakula in Istanbul by G.R.A.M. at Museum Hartberg, Austria.

Dracula in Istanbul is a vampire metaphor as a sentimental perception of today’s Istanbul: “Dracula” as a code name for real rulers of darkness. Drakula Istanbul’da is also one of the first and most legendary turksploitation films.

For Museum Hartberg the artist group G.R.A.M. developed an ambiguous and multi-part vampire story closely linked to the current conditions in Turkey. The political reality mixes with the artificial horror of the black and white vampire classic: Everyday reality mingles with fiction, film reality with mediated truths.

May 19 – June 10, 2018

Stadtgemeinde Hartberg
Hauptplatz 10
A – 8230 Hartberg, Austria

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