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Mahalla Malta Share House

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The self-reflective Sunglasses are made for the puzzled passenger in our poststructural, post factual times.  They help him to look inside himself, to hold on for a moment. Museum Fortress Builders in Malta is hosting artistic positions around a globalized world-economy in the Conceptual Mahalla Share House.     

A Photo-wall by Turkish artist Murat German reflects rapid urbanization in Istanbul. Viewing the Installation, the Visitor sees the skyline of Sliema in the back. Maltese artist Raphael Vella compares societies with a huge hospital full of mistreated patients, tortured by the different dynamics of power. Turkish artist Cansu Çakar dismantles the Holy Tulip in Ottoman Calligraphy as “Ass Tulip”. She is quoting Turkish slang. The parsley decoration in the anus of slaughtered animals’ at butcher shops are called like that. The expression is also used to mock about snobs exaggerating forms of politeness in between the urban upper-class to underline their social status.


  • Raphael Vella (MLT), A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, 2018 Collage, various objects
  • Ludivine Thomas (FR/SE), Self-reflective Sunglasses, 2018 Mixed Objects
  • Mathilde Melek An (FR/TR), Photos: the MM-circle
  • Mathilde Melek An (FR/TR), porcelaine female leg, undersized with calligraphy patterns Porcelain, Ink
  • Cansu Çakar (TR), Holy Tulip, 2014 Watercolor on Paper, 28-35 cm
  • Murat Germen (TR), Photos, Transformation of Fikirtepe, 2018
  • Murat Germen (TR), Photos, Transformation of Fikirtepe, 2018
  • Güneş Terkol (TR), Whispering Tulle, 2018
  • Kristina Borg (MLT), 2017, Book-Art, You Are What You Buy
  • Kristina Borg (MLT), 2017, Photo, You Are What You Buy
  • Kristina Borg (MLT), 2017, Canvas, You Are What You Buy
  • Mario Sammut (MLT), Ceramic Panel, Spirit of The waves
  • Mario Sammut (MLT), Ceramic Sculpture, Journey of Hope
  • Aaron Bezzina (MLT), 2016, Cruci-Hammer
  • Aaron Bezzina (MLT), 2016, Hand-necklace (Choker)
  • Menekşe Samancı (TR), Life-West


In a globalized economical system, the clashes in societies are deepening worldwide. Gentrification, ecological destruction, economic crisis, gender conflicts. The spheres of the private and the public are fading. Consumption habits are part of the private and the political as well. A growing crowd of home-workers are losing the distinction between these life spheres. The Mahalla Share House offers criticism and witty offers of solutions: Satire, ironical consumption objects and some pieces of beautiful Design and high-quality handcraft.


  • Anna Banout (D/PL/SYR), Qanani Objects. Wood, shredded plastic bottles. The artists is shredding the bottles by hand and is braiding the Plastic-stripes. Objects, Wood and Plastic
  • Robert Rüf (AUT), clothes rack Laika Wood, Metal
  • Mathilde Melek An (FR/TR), memories to wear, Raisin-Jewellery
  • Mathilde Melek An (FR/TR), memories to wear, Raisin-Jewellery
  • Zübeyde Hamurcu (TR), 2018, Scarf with calligraphic Lace-motives
  • Doris Schamp (AUT), Homeless, 2018
  • Doris Schamp (AUT), La Razzia T-Shirts
  • Doris Schamp (AUT), La Razzia Chair
  • Doris Schamp (AUT), La Razzia, Homeless, LA 2018
  • Kristina Borg (MLT), 2017, T-Shirts, You Are What You Buy
  • Zübeyde Hamurcu (TR), 2018, Lace, tablecloth with Calligraphy motives
  • Sara Olausson (SE), 2014, Felicia, Comic Book and Prints


Some off the Objects, Drawings, Clothing, Design Objects and high-quality handcraft will be for sale. They are pleading for Fair-Trade, Sustainability, Slow Food and Diversity in Design. The visitors have the opportunity to access high quality, unique products to fair prices. 

Concept: Mahalla

Shop Design: Tom van Malderen

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