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F.K. Waechters 75th birthday

  • A Visitor
  • Adele was showing the men to her breasts
  • The first night: "Ok, my breast hair has the shape of Africa. That is so funny, sure!"
  • Among real men
  • The other deers never forgave him that
  • My skull drawn from memory. F.K. Waechter
  • F. K. Waechter * 3. November 1937 in Danzig; † 16. September 2005 in Frankfurt am Main

Friedrich Karl Waechter (born 1937 in Danzig, died 2005 in Frankfurt) was a German Cartoonist, Artist, children book author and theatre play author.

Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin at MoMA

  • “H-Fact: Hospitality/Hostility”, a work consisting out of 7 pieces of 3D, got part of the MoMA Collection
  • Salt Istanbul opened it's new Museum on Istiklal Caddesi with a retrospective of Alptekin in 2011
  • Kara-kum (black soil) is a copy of a bag found at a make-shift Post-Soviet bazaar in Istanbul in the early '90's
  • “Tremor makes rumour / Rumour makes humour”

Huseyin Bahri Alptekin’s “H-Fact: Hospitality/Hostility” artwork got part of the permanent
collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Sebastian Riemer: Photographic abstractions

Sebastian Riemer uses Photography as a medium for producing abstractions of
different surfaces. In Istanbul he chose wall pictures as
motives. Mainly children stick them on walls in poor
neighborhoods like Balat. Football stars, toys and comic strips
are combined to a new narration with no certain plot.

Yekaterina Samutsevichs speach For Pussy Riot

Since the farcically unfair trial of anti-Putin Russian punk
rock trio Pussy Riot ended last week, the rousing and
powerful closing statement by band-member Yekaterina
Samutsevich has been making the rounds online, both in its
original Russian and in an English translation. Below is her statement in full.

Mermaid sounds from Rio de Janeiro

Plastic sound for mermaids from Yollarda on Vimeo.

Plastic Sound For Mermaids

The ocean was dreaming of a mermaid

With a comb of pearl combing her hair

Singing of immortal love

A big, blue fish

Sat on the shore

Chanting a lore

About the endurance

Of plastic bottles

In the deep blue of the sea

And in the white sand of the dunes

Motives in the Video:;

Created from discarded plastic bottles, these giant fish make a powerful environmental

statement as they emerge from the sands of Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This year, the city of Rio is hosting the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, also

called Rio+20, and these giant fish were created to mark the occasion. Hundreds of
plastic bottles sparkle in the sun and, at night, the sculptures are illuminated with

colorful blue and red LED lights that twinkle against the backdrop of the beach as a
monumental reminder to recycle.

The three fish represent the importance of recycling and the risks that plastic bottles

have on our natural environment, specifically on animals that live in the sea.

According to the event website, between 60 and 80 percent of debris in the sea is from

plastic products. The sculpture encourages people to rethink how they approach recycling

and to protect our natural resources.


Centerbeam at the 6. documenta in Kassel

Centerbeam (1977/1978), 6. documenta Kassel from Yollarda on Vimeo.

In 1977, the “exuberant, friendly inferno” Centerbeam captivated hundreds of thousands of visitors at the documenta 6 exhibition in Kassel, Germany, and at its subsequent installation on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Artists from the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), led by its Director Otto Piene, worked with MIT scientists and engineers to develop this piece. Centerbeam exemplified the collaborative spirit and democratic working process of CAVS, which was founded in 1967. “Pipelines of elements and energies,” Centerbeam was a massive, temporary installation of kinetic, performing and participatory sculpture. It incorporated technologies pioneered by CAVS fellows as artistic media: laser projections, holograms, steam screens, neon, video, inflatable sculptures helium-lifted into the sky and other works, projected from the spine of a 144 foot long water prism. The rational, processional form of Centerbeam by day and its indeterminate volumes of laser-illuminated steam, floral and stellar images by night, embodied CAVS’ symbiosis of the arts, sciences and engineering.

You can see the Video until the 29th of July 2012 at the exhibition “The Future Archive”, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Chausseestrasse 128, Berlin

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