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RikschaFahrt by artist in residence Carla Mercedes Hihn from the Berlin residency program in Istanbul. Video by Dirk Holzberg, Musik Riuchi Sakamoto und Alva Noto.

Urban structures, urbanity, nature and landscapes are issues of Carla Mercedes Hihn  installations and drawings. She is developing a new space, interacting with the architecture and creating a multi-dimensional situations.


Carla Mercedes Hihn

Ma Baker’s marks in Istanbul

A bullet was found in the courtyard

Of a cozy iron barred Dollhouse

Who left it there?

Who does care?

About bricks and bones In the garden?

Ma Baker’s been there

Do you know where?

The bullets tended the Sandbox?

The skull has gone

No roars went wrong

Through cozy iron barred Wallcracks

Paratactic Commons

Surroundings of the amberFestival12 opening in Istanbul, November 8 at the Istanbul Technique University

The Salp

Sarcastic, irreverent, The Slap (Sili) uses codes from silent film to make fun of its characters and our preconceptions. A young woman, an old woman, a young soldier and a colonel share a compartment on a train going from Tehran to Sari. The train enters a tunnel, we hear a kiss and a slap. Each of the characters, except the culprits, has a different interpretation of the event.

The director, Ehsan Amani (born in 1948), shoots mostly documentaries, short movies and advertisements. He has acted in many films, such as Crimson Gold, Abadan and A Few Days Later.

The Slap was shot in 2007 and presented at the 2008 Pangea Day, an international event promoting tolerance and unity through films.

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Grisu and the year of the dragon at milk gallery

Dragon’s odds and ends from Yollarda on Vimeo.

Dragon’s odds and ends

Grisu has a dream
dragons should resist
since a drop might be
the void for their means

fire and rain
complementary and plain
are getting best friends
by nothing less

then visions and thoughts
of sparkling spirits
a dragon is made of

Milk gallery Istanbul recently had a show called, “the year of the dragon”.

“Siglia Grisu” is an Italian Animation movie having been broadcasted in the 1970th. It showed
the resistance of the little dragon Grisu against the plans of his father for him to become a firespitting dangerous dragon. He wants to be a firefighter.

Beside the clips of Grisu there are Artworks of dragons by Hatice Pamuk, Burak Şentürk, Cins,
Furkan Birgün and Uğur Unsoy from the exhibition: “The year of the dragon” at milk gallery,

Sense of Time

Sense of Time is the first interactive module of the Cultural Internet Platform InEnArt.

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