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Hoax and Publicity Attempt

Graffiti Artist Banksy Arrested In London


The elusive graffiti artist, political activist, film director, painter and long time fugitive that for years has gone by the pseudonymous name of Banksy, was arrested early the morning of October 20 by London’s Metropolitan Police.

Rojava by Kardes Türküler

Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turkmens, Armenians, Chechens and Yazidis which lived together in Rojava, North Syria, declared democratic autonomy in January 2014 in Syria. Kobane is one of the three cantons of Rojava.

East Berlin 1990


25 years ago the GDR came to en end. How East Berlin looked, is almost forgotten today. This movie captured by Stefan Münster in the winter of 1990 is a authentic document of the last days of the GDR.

Plotbot KEN – Acid Tanks


Street Artist Plotbot (KEN) became famous in Berlin for his perfection of multilayer stencils and par amounting backgrounds that have been appearing on the streets, abandoned buildings, historical places, power stations, chemical factories, military bases and other exceptional locations in and around the city.

The Third Bosphorus Bridge

A Subsequent Destruction of Natural Environment in Istanbul



Disregarding criticisms, the Turkish Islamic conservative government launched the construction of the third bridge over the Bosporus Strait in the northern outskirt of Istanbul already May 2013, the anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest by the Ottomans.

Sense of Time

Sense of Time is the first interactive module of the Cultural Internet Platform InEnArt.

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