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Photography: Newton and Yva

Helmut Newton had worked for more then a year in the Studio of German Photographer Yva between 1937 and 1938. She was a glamorous Fashion and Portrait Photographer, who got deported and murdered by the Nazis in 1942. Hotel Bogota in Berlin-Schlüterstrasse was a Residency for the Rich in Charlottenburg those days. Yva alias Else Ernestine Neuländer-Simon had her Studio there. She was like Helmut Newton alias Helmut Neustädter German Jewish. Newton was able to leave Germany in 1938. Yva had been banned from being a Photographer and closed down her Studio. She was arrested with her husband Alfred Simon, when they were preparing for leaving Germany in 1942.

Newton had been only 17, when he worked at the Studio in Schlüterstrasse. He learned how to place the models and how to use light. Yva was a very talented Portrait Photographer as well. Incredible, that Newton was blamed by German Feminists to be a Sexist and even a Fascist for some time.

The Video shows Newton’s Photographs “Coco Chanel and dog Marta, “Love in the Office” and “Andy Warhol”. At the Hotel Bogota in Berlin Schlüterstrasse the Studio of Yva is dedicated to her memory. Although most of the Photographs are lost there is a portrait of her, a shot of Yva working and three of her Fashion Photographs. A symbolic stone is implemented in the pavement in front of her house in Schlüterstrasse. Passing by you are stumbling over it and many people start reading.

Helmut Newton’s famous Photograph “Self-portrait with model and June” shows the artist working. Portraits of Judy Foster, Isabella Rossellini and David Lynch and of Linda Evangelista mark an important part of the History of Fashion and Art Photography.

Helmut Newton died in 2004 and was buried in Berlin, the Helmut Newton
Foundation is running a museum close to Bahnhof Zoo. A must to see.

Last train to leave

The last train to leave Grand Central Terminal on October 28, 2012, left from Track 18 at 7:10 p.m. It is a Stamford local. Grand Central closed in advance of Hurricane Sandy.

Broadway – This bus is on the move as Hurricane Sandy approached New York City on October 28, 2012.

Futureland Now

Reflections on the post-industrial landscape

What role can contemporary photographic practices play in reflecting the issues of our time? FUTURELAND NOW is an exhibition of the photography of John Kippin and Chris Wainwright which will address key issues in our current society whilst reflecting on the unresolved issues of the past.

Quite a Way Away

To say that the last few years of Gareth Dickson’s life have been tumultuous would be an understatement. In 2007 he fell in love with a girl from South America, packed up a few essentials from his life in Scotland, and moved to the Argentinian countryside. It didn’t turn all fairy tale at that point, however. While there he was shot at, attacked by dogs, and was involved in a very close call when the passenger plane he took to a little town in the Andes was forced down after an engine caught fire. The bullet missed, the aircraft landed, and the dog bites healed; he survived intact, albeit a little more aware of his own mortality, and a good bit more anxious.

“The bullet in all honesty was never meant to hit” he states calmly, it was a robbery gone wrong and he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The incident in the aircraft was far more terrifying because there was the agonizing time to think and reflect during the plane’s unintended descent. “It’s interesting to find out how you would react in that situation.” Dickson says. “Faced with the possibility that it’s really time up, I felt an overwhelming sense of this having been destiny, that it was impossible that I had boarded this aircraft by chance.”

These adventures are the reason that in the last 4 years Gareth has not managed to record a new album; the last two releases (Collected Recordings, Drifting Falling, 2009, and The Dance, Sleeping Man, 2010) being old material recorded before the trip. They are also the reason that a feeling of heightened alertness and anxiety pervades this new work. If Collected Recordings was in some way a study in melancholy, Quite A Way Away is a decidedly more anxious affair. “Adrenaline,” the first track on the album, opens with the lines “Distant beat, advancing feet, each of us wound within.” and in “Get Together” there is something of confusion, if not paranoia, in the speaker wondering “Who was here before now, were there only you and I all night?”

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At SALT – Live performance in the Walk-Cinema at SALT Beyoğlu, October 17, 19.00.

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