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The Day of the Freedom of the Press

Written by Sabine Küper on . Posted in The Passenger, Urban Chant

Freedom of the Press Day from InEnArt on Vimeo.

On third of May 2013 there are 67 Journalists in Prison in Turkey. It is worldwide the country with the most Journalists on trial and behind bars. Füsün Erdoğan for example is in prison for 7 years now. In October her Thyroid was removed, because she had cancer. She is suffering from Vertigo disease as well. There are no evidences against her, “being part of the Central committee of a Terrorist organization”, as the prosecutor claims. At the moment she finished a book about Rosa Luxemburg. She was Chief editor of the “Free Radio” and Writer of BİA, an independent News Agency in Turkey. I love an appreciate her work. She has to be released from Prison immediately. On 6th of June is the next round an Çağlayan CourtYard for her. Please join us there!

The censorship was one of the splendid methods, that always united Prussian and Ottoman Authorities. Listen to Germn Poet H.Heine (1797-1856) about an incident, when he was traveling from French Exile to his homeland Germany:

H. Heine: Germany. A Winter’s Tale
translated into English by Joseph Massaad

Caput II.

While the little girl trilled and warbled
Of Heaven’s eternal pleasures,
The Prussian customs searched my trunk,
Looking for hidden treasures.

They sniffed everything, rummaged through
Shirts, pants and handkerchiefs, for hidden
Needle-point lace or for gems,
And for books that were forbidden.

You fools that search inside my trunk!
There’s nothing for you to find:
The contraband that travels with me,
Is hidden in my mind.



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