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Robert Gernhardt’s 75th birthday

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  • People with masks
  • We are all wearing masks
  • We are passing through our lives with masks on
  • To know the reason why
  • Is a privilige of god

Creator and Creatures

On the 7th day god was resting and said:
I really went through something,

I created humans and amphibians,
both were a total failure

F.K. Waechters 75th birthday

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  • Adele was showing the men to her breasts
  • The first night: "Ok, my breast hair has the shape of Africa. That is so funny, sure!"
  • Among real men
  • The other deers never forgave him that
  • My skull drawn from memory. F.K. Waechter
  • F. K. Waechter * 3. November 1937 in Danzig; † 16. September 2005 in Frankfurt am Main

Friedrich Karl Waechter (born 1937 in Danzig, died 2005 in Frankfurt) was a German Cartoonist, Artist, children book author and theatre play author.

Sense of Time

Sense of Time is the first interactive module of the Cultural Internet Platform InEnArt.

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