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Cities: blinding Stars & camouflaged Scars

  • Teheran_Panorama
  • pjoengjang-nordkorea-werbung-tourismus
  • Kinshasa, le qurtier des affaires.
  • Erbil

  • Mostar
  • An evening view of City Star Hall in Kabul, a $5 million complex where large wedding receptions are held for as many as 1,000 guests.

  • Teheran
  • Pjönjang
  • Kinshasa Boulvard of 30th of June
  • Erbil in Northern Iraq
  • Mostar after the war
  • An evening view of City Star Hall in Kabul, a $5 million complex where large wedding receptions are held for as many as 1,000 guests

The shiny surface of Cities got an icon of representing any spot of the globalized world in the superficial esthetics of advertisements and Public relations campaigns. Not only smiling dictators on TV or on banners in public spaces, also the skylines of their Capitals got a visual for the spreading of a glamorous appearance. Scars of war and natural catastrophies are camouflaged with a glossy surface of a prosperous commercial future in the light of construction booms and gentrefication.

Transformation of Taksim Square

The Taksim Square is a crazy mass since November 2012. It is hard to believe, that a commercial building in the shape of a Caserne in historism style is planned to replace Gezi Park. The Atatürk Cultural center shall get demolished. The government wishes to get applause for this plans from lots of their voters. To disregard the protests of so many people is a sign of an authoritarian government and a support of many followers as undemocratic as their leaders.

Mack the spook

And the spook, it has visions,
And it spreads them all around.
And it breeds all this creatures,
From a crowd of blind Believers

There are some hiding in darkness
while others are searching for light
And you see the ones in brightness
Those in darkness drop from sight.

The Atatürk Kültür Merkezi (AKM/Atatürk Cultural Center) was planned and build between 1946 and 1977 as a cultural hall to influence the direction for modern and contemporary culture in the country. Today competing interests struggle to shape AKM towards ideological lines based on their own visions. The reconstruction of the whole Taksim square is a partof the transformation of cultural symbolism.

Amazing that no one made the suggestion until now to build a memorial for the victims of bloody 1st of May 1977.

  • 1st of May 1977
  • Around 500.000 people followed a call of the Union DİSK
  • Towards the end of the meeting around 7pm unknown assassins startet shooting
  • 34 people were killed and 136 got injured

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