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Periferi: The Terror of Reality

Written by Sabine Küper on . Posted in Feed the Sense, Subversives

The Terror of Reality is a term, that was developed by a group of artists in Turkey calling

thenselves “Periferi”. Periferi feels a closeness to the Situationists International, a

leftist avantgard art movement of the 1960th. Environment, urbanism, social rsistance

and the active fight against a capitalist “psychogram” of society were some of their main


Their theoretical work peaked with the highly influential book “The Society of the

Spectacle” in which Guy Debord argued that the spectacle is a fake reality which masks

capitalist degradation of human life. To overthrow this system, the SI supported the May

’68 revolts, and asked the workers to occupy the factories and to run them through

workers’ councils.

The Turkish Periferi group publishes a theoretical magazine called “Siber Gnosis”.

Artists are discussing there the aims and fields of a situationist movemend in the Cyber

age. The Video shows an exhibition in Mars Gallery in Çukurcuma. One of three shows

Periferi organized in spring and early summer in Istanbul.

Also see: Oeriferi   http://www.inenart.eu/?s=Periferi

and rafet Arslan. Babel Library: http://senseoftime.inenart.eu/?p=5195

and: Hayaka Artı: discarted      http://www.inenart.eu/?p=8769



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