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Now it’s our turn to bring tears to your eyes

Written by Wu Ming on . Posted in Subversives

1evvqdToday (Sunday June 2) the website of Condor – Brazilian producer of tear gas amunition used by the police in Turkey against peaceful demonstrators – got hacked by X-BLACKERZ Inc. & Anonymous Turkey.

Tear Gas and related chemical weapons are commonly used as tools of state repression and torture against people’s movements and true democracy.

2vxke84In 1993 the Chemical Weapons Convention declared that tear gas and pepper spray may not be used as a “method of warfare” and should only be used by police forces for “law enforcement including domestic riot control purposes.”

Voices of movements all over the world however, backed by reputable studies, state that police use in effect has declared a war on the people. For this reason, the state’s use of these chemical weapons must end.

The inappropriate use of tear gas by the police in Turkey has been the most devastating on the safety of demonstrators, causing an unknown number of injuries, including serious head injurieswhen the canisters hit protestors. Hundreds of empty tear gas canisters remain on the ground in areas where demonstrations are taking place.

On a number of occasions police were seen deliberately targeting individual protestors with tear gas canisters. A number of protestors are thought to have lost their sight as a result of the use of tear gas at close range.

Tear gas has also been used in confined areas where it is especially dangerous to health. In some cases tear gas was fired directly into homes and businesses that had opened their doors to fleeing protestors. Reports also state that tear gas was fired close to the entrance of Taksim Emergency Hospital, close to the sceneof many protests.

Follow the hacked site here



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