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Tear Gas brothers

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Why bye

The protesters around Gezi Park united as Tear Gas brothers in the past two weeks.

Tear Gas is a chemical weapon. Tear gas works by irritating mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs, and causes crying, sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, pain in the eyes, temporary blindness, etc. Exposure on skin may cause chemical burns.

As with all non-lethal, or less-than-lethal weapons, there is a risk of serious permanent injury or death when tear gas is used. This includes risks from being hit by tear gas cartridges, which include severe bruising, loss of eyes, skull fracture, and death.At close range or with severe exposure, there is a risk of scarring of the cornea, leading to a permanent loss in visual acuity.

Use of tear gas in warfare (as all other chemical weapons) is prohibited by various international treaties, that most states have signed. Police and private self-defense use is not banned in the same manner.Xylyl bromide, CN and CS are the oldest of these agents, and CS is the most widely used.

Once a person has been exposed, a variety of treatments may be used. Activists in the United States, the Czech Republic, and Turkey have reported using antacid solutions such as Maalox diluted with water as a remedy for tear gas attacks. Milk, ayran, lemons, lemon juice and vinegar are also used, but their effectiveness is disputed.

During the Gezi Park uprisings Tear Gas is used excessive against demonstrators. It is not known yet, hom many people are physically demaged or even killed by state force. The methods of the government are causing widespread critisism and are ridiculed by Graffiti and Cartoons inside and outside of Turkey.

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Turkish physicians announced the medical situation of protesters in Turkey on 19.06.13. :

Istanbul: 4477 injured, 21 of them heavily. 6 people have skull fractures, 6 lost an eye. one person died, four people still have the risk to loose their lifes.
Ankara: 1350 injured, 21 of them heavily. One person died. 7 people have skull fractures, four got blind.
İzmir: 800 injured, 2 heavily
Antakya: 161 injured, 3 heavily, one person died.
Adana: 162 injured, 6 heavily, one person died, 5 have concussions
Eskişehir: 300 injured, 2 people are in emergency room and 3 are risking to loose their lifes
Muğla: 50 injured, one heavily
Mersin: 17 injured, one heavily
Bursa: 2 injured, one has concussion
Balıkesir: 155 injured
Kocaeli: 10 injured
Antalya: 150 injured, one heavily
Rize: 8 people got injured

How did the Gezi Park protests start?


Also gassed: Çapulcu Mehmet Güleryüz:


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