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Comic Art from Germany

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Robert Gernhardt, “Mother”, “Anne”

The “Caricatura” Museum in Frankfurt is hosting the works of the contemporary German Comic-artists. At the heart of the new comic collection is the work of the artists of the “New Frankfurt School”, a loose club of illustrators, poets and painters who formed in the early 70s and borrowed their name from the group of neo-Marxist philosophers that included Theodor Adorno and Jürgen Habermas, the original Frankfurt School. The reference to the fathers of critical theory is a joke in itself, of course, because although all the members of the New Frankfurt School were – like everyone else at the time — highly politicised, they never intended to stage a revolution. Their humour was more subtle, sometimes even sad, but always a life-affirming and earthy affair, and in that respect much closer to one of Frankfurt’s other great sons, Goethe.

  • "Do you also have eggs from unhappy chicken?" "Mutsuz tavuklardan yurmurta var mı?" -When Satanists do shopping- -Satanistler alışverişte- by Uwe Krumbiegel
  • -The private Life of Hitler- -Hitler'in özel yaşamı- "You insisted on Russia!" "Sen illa Rusya'ya israr ettin!" by Greser & Lenz. The Comic artists were the first German Comic artists who had the courage to make Satire about Hitler and the Nazi Times. Karikatürcüler Hitleri hicveden Alman sanatçılardı.
  • "God?!" "Tanrım?!" by Ralf Rönig. The artist is famous for his graphic novels about the Gay friend circle of Paul in Cologne. Sanatçi eşçinsel karekteri Kölnlü Paul ve arkadaş çevresi ile ilgili grafik romanlar ile ünlendi.
  • "If you are afraid of freedom stay in this shithole and end up as sausage" "Özgürlükten korkuyorsanız o zaman bu pislik yuvasında kalıp sosis oluverin." F.K. Waechter
  • -The Beauty of Loneliness- -Yalnızlığın özelliği- F.K. Waechter
  • Franziska Becker
  • "Oh my god, we are too fat!" "Aman tanrım, çok kiloluyuz!" by Lilli Bravo
  • -Mothersday- -anneler günü- Bettina Bexte
  • "The post factual era, alternative facts, Trumpism- how shall I explain the world to Ole one day?" "Just lie to him!" "Postygerçekliğin dönemi, ekoloji sorunu, Trump, bu dünyayı nasıl anlatırım Ole'ye büyünce?" "Yalan söyle!" by Katharina Greve
  • Barbara Yelin is known for her stunning graphic novels. Barbara Yelin müthiş Grafik romanlar ile tanınıyor.

One of the main figures of the “New Frankfurt School”, F.K. Waechter, is humorously called “Friedrich the Great”, referring to the Prussian King. In fact Waechter (3. November 1937 in Danzig; † 16. September 2005 in Frankfurt am Main) was the most poetic, antiauthoritarian and sensitive artist among the founders of these Cartoonist school.

Today the Caricatura Gallery in Kassel is the centre for comic artists to exhibit, attend to Festivals, workshops and other events. Every five years an exhibition parallel to the Art-show documenta is inviting Comic artists publishing in German for a group show.

  • Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908)
  • "Die fromme Helene", "Religious Helen", "Dindar Helene"

Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Busch (15 April 1832 – 9 January 1908) was a German humorist, poet, illustrator and painter. He published comic illustrated tales from 1859, achieving his most notable works in the 1870s. He’s considered a classic, the German museum for Drawing Art and Cartoons in Hannover is called the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum.

Busch drew on contemporary parochial and city life, satirizing Catholicism, strict religious morality and bigotry. One of the best examples is “Religious Helen”.  His comic text was colourful and entertaining and led to some work being banned by the authorities.



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