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by Wetrobots

Wetrobots + Bosaina is an electro clash band out of Cairo, Egypt, which is fresh and exciting in this really hard to describe way, so we won’t try.

Hassan Khan in Istanbul

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  • Lust (2008)
  • Smartphone pics
  • moments of people
  • and objects
  • base new narrations
  • reset in various contexts

Hassan Khan was presented in a complex magnificant show at the Museum Salt Istiklal (21.09.12-06.01.13). The Egyptian artist participated in a serial of events, several talks, a filmscreening and the final Music-performance “Superstructure II.” at the music club Ghetto.

Ghetto from InEnArt on Vimeo.

Listen to Sperstructure II and watch the other visuals beside!

Khan likes to compare Istanbul and Cairo. For him both metropoles have similaritis. They are chaotic melting pots with a buzzing scene of upcoming artists and other creatives gaining space in the central city spaces. But it is important to realize the distortion of daily life in this rapidly changing environments. This fact is beautifully picked as a central theme in the Videoinstallation below. A working couple using its freetime after work to walk through Cairo and to fight the whole time 🙂

Hassan Khan from InEnArt on Vimeo.

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