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Lost History through the Lens of the Dildilian Brothers

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  • Tsolag and Aram Dildilian are posing for an advertisement of their studio, 1890
  • The Portraits, the young photographers shot, are arranged like portrait paintings
  • The reopening of the Ottoman Parliament in Istanbul 1908 cause demonstrations of joy also in Merzifon. The Youngturks movement was embracing nationalism. Wars on the Balkans and in the Caucasus caused an unfair collective blame on the Armenians to collaborate with the enemy
  • Massgrave in Hekimhan
  • German Soldiers posing, they gave the glassplates for development to the Dildilians studio in November 1918, where they remained in the archive
  • Last Christmas in Merzifon 1920
  • When the family leaves the country in 1922 lots of relatives, like this cousin with his whole family, have been killed.

The Dildilians were a Family of Photographers. They were working in Merzifon, Samsun and Sivas between 1872 and 1923.

Bir harita, 25 çesitli mekan: Tophane Art Walk

The sun was high in the sky, but it was not as warming my skin as the day before, while I was walking down Kumbaraca Yokusu. I would explore Tophane today. No, not like Mathias Poisson. Mathias Poisson explored Tophane first and made a map afterwards. I was holding a map already in my hands. The map of Tophane Art Walk. My first goal supposed to be DEPO. I wanted to see Poisson’s Tophane. DEPO was showing a huge map and a little laboratory. That was lovely.

I observed the little groups of people walking around at this sunny, windy day, strolling up and down on Bogaz Kesen Street, getting in and out the galleries, asking questions and finding somehow a way getting into art through this walk. I saw faces reflecting big question marks and bright inspiration, while they were holding maps in their hands- they started thinking. 

One Map, 25 places: Tophane Art Walk.

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