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Hoax and Publicity Attempt

Graffiti Artist Banksy Arrested In London


The elusive graffiti artist, political activist, film director, painter and long time fugitive that for years has gone by the pseudonymous name of Banksy, was arrested early the morning of October 20 by London’s Metropolitan Police.

Cosmetic Homicide

The Death of Battersea Power Station in London seen by Bradley Garrett

I stopped by Battersea Power Station this afternoon after the developers had finally begun to chip at the chimneys. On the side of the building, there was some new signage promising, as property owners are prone to do, that the future architectural simulation and simulacra envisioned on this choice riverfront real estate will retain an essence of place. Architectural homicide under the scalpel of cosmetic improvement almost always follows these sorts of proclamations.


Please remain seated



  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-005-500x333
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-004
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-003-500x333
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-009-500x333
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-010
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-013-500x333
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-015-500x323
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-016-500x321
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-017
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-023-500x374
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-027-500x333
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-029-500x408
  • fake-signs-in-london-underground-031-500x331

People have been spotting random funny signs in the London underground. Some of them are plain hilarious. It’s unknown who makes these, but it sure is funny and gives the commuters something to do.


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