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Cosmetic Homicide

The Death of Battersea Power Station in London seen by Bradley Garrett

I stopped by Battersea Power Station this afternoon after the developers had finally begun to chip at the chimneys. On the side of the building, there was some new signage promising, as property owners are prone to do, that the future architectural simulation and simulacra envisioned on this choice riverfront real estate will retain an essence of place. Architectural homicide under the scalpel of cosmetic improvement almost always follows these sorts of proclamations.


8th BerlinBiennial

The 8th Berlin Biennial is dealing with the historical narrations, places do have, and with the individual choises people do for building up their own identity. Curator Juan A. Gaitán choıse locations all over Berlin to integrate a historical frame, that isn’t limiting anybody but has the purpose to widen the look for Berlin and it’s historical past.

Store Windows


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  • Please dont glue posters - Spraying is ok!
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Nice Store Windows Collected by Achim Frenz, Museum für komische Kunst, Frankfurt

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