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Christmas and New Year Fusion absurdity

I can’t remember when it really started, but the Christmas and New Years Fusion in Istanbul got a rather accepted reality. We went to Nışantaşı and Teşvikiye, dropped by at a present fair at the military museum in Harbiye. All this Kitsch got adopted. Father Christmas is Noel Baba…..

The Thomaner Choir sings Christmas Songs

The Thomas-School was founded 1212 in Leipzig under the reign of King Otto IV. The Choir of young boys was part of the monastry St. Thomas.

The choir got worldfamous through the hundreds of years of its existence. Famous composers like Johann Sebastian Bach were among the musicians guiding and training the singers.

The Thomaner are around 100 boys in the age between 9 and 18. They are visiting the Thomas-School, a high school with a special education for musicians.

Distorted Mirror vol. 1

  • NickCave
  • Milosovic
  • Milosovic1
  • Cernobil
  • Cernobil2
  • Cernobil1
  • Hillary
  • Hillary1
  • Labyrinth
  • Caroline Sury (France) is the girlfriend of Nick Cave in her dream
  • Wostok (Serbia) features a dream of his father Boca
  • Boca is meeting the former Serbian President Slobodan Milosovich
  • A comic jam by Raqel Aparicio, Boris Stanic, Vladimir Palibrk, Marie Kohoutova about the future tourist ressort Chernobil
  • Tourists can watch the mutated population
  • In a Techno Club Siamese Twins are kissing
  • Bob Kathman (USA) dreamed of meeting Hillary Clinton in the White House
  • She shows him the artworks in the White House
  • Helena Klakocar (Balkans/Netherlands)

The Distorted Mirror is a project for Artist producing Comic Artworks coordinated by Vladimir Palibrk from the Gallery Elektrika.

Elektrika is an alternative art space located in the town of Pancevo besides Belgrade.

In the Distorted Mirror vol. 1 Comic Artists from all over the world were producing their visions or dreams of famous people, central events, internationally known places or universal subjects.

A date with Nick Cave, an audience with Hillary Clinton in the White House or a nightmare about the dream of a father meeting Serbian President Milosevic are among the artworks in this most complex and diverse high quality underground graphic novel sampler.

Elektrika is making an Open Call for Distorted Mirror vol.2 at the moment. Submissions are accepted until 15th January and even later if artists contact Vladimir Palibrk per e-mail. Find the open call here:


Robert Gernhardt’s 75th birthday

  • 01_robert

  • 02_robert

  • 03_robert

  • 04_robert

  • 05_robert

  • People with masks
  • We are all wearing masks
  • We are passing through our lives with masks on
  • To know the reason why
  • Is a privilige of god

Creator and Creatures

On the 7th day god was resting and said:
I really went through something,

I created humans and amphibians,
both were a total failure

One last show in 2012

The third performance of “Expeditions in Sound and Music,” a collaborative series between SALT and Undomondo, will feature Nude on Sand. The program will take place in the Walk-in Cinema at SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul, on Wednesday December 19 at 19.00 and is open to all.

Sense of Time

Sense of Time is the first interactive module of the Cultural Internet Platform InEnArt.

Contact us

  • InEnArt
    Molla Çelebi Çesme Çikmazi 1/3
    34427 Istanbul/Turkey
  • + 90 - 212 - 292 41 34