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Urban Icons in Ayvansaray

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Ayvansaray is one of the areas being rapidly gentrified at the moment. The inhabitants of the quarter have different ways to deal with the fact, that they most probably will have to leave their houses and working spaces to wealthier people. A certain kind of urban dialogue emerges from the different icons being used in the quarter.


An exhibition at Salt Istanbul and traces of an intervention by a counter-action taking place in March – adding graffiti’s to the empty spaces on the walls within the show.

The exhibition displays a plethora of documentary material presenting along with restaged elements from specific exhibitions that took place in the past in Turkey, especially the 1. Mayıs Sergisi [First May Exhibition] organized by Görsel Sanatçılar Derneği – GSD [Visual Artists Association]. The project will revisit issues of artists’ rights, involvement and collaborations with workers unions, and the function and positioning of art in public space.

A group of young Turkish artists prepared an intervention on March 15 2013 leaving signs on the walls as a gesture of ‘turnabout’ by an act to “turning expressions of the capitalist system and its media culture against itself”.

Decide yourself… between the paradox of an intervention using the spectacle itself, of displaying unspectacular works of art concerning artists rights and art in public space within the frame of a museum and a video connecting these elements in a well known way of daily motions…

SALT Beyoğlu – Istanbul
JANUARY 31 – APRIL 21, 2013

Second Life in Ayvansaray

If you are thinking about moving to a new place in Istanbul, have a look at Ayvansaray. It is going to be one of the new fancy places, populated by Avatars designed by the muncipiality of Fatih. You feel like in the virtual world of Second Life, when you go there and have a look at their vision of how it is going to look like.

Asylum from the Bureau of Manufactured History


They say there are secret cemeteries beneath the sprawling grounds of the Central State Hospital. They say bodies and pieces of bodies were dumped in trenches after being taken apart in the laboratory. It takes three people to perform an autopsy: someone to do the cutting, another to weigh the organs, and a third to record the results. Blood and other fluids drained through the tiled floor and ran beneath one hundred acres of landscaped gardens before spilling into the White River.

Copper has anti-bacterial properties. Northern light is the best for viewing bacteria through a microscope. There’s much to learn at the little museum in the old pathology building at the defunct hospital. Tumors, trauma, and congenital defects. Degenerative disease and inflammation. Next to a yellowing brain in a jar, a card says, “Patient never displayed peculiar behavior until he was wounded in the head during the Spanish-American war. He became childish but was able to work as a farmer until the age of seventy when he turned violent and institutional supervision became necessary.” Bottles of sulfate of ammonia, benzoic acid, smelling salts, and ‘chemicals’ line the dark wood shelves. Hanging from the walls are dozens of sepia portraits of stern men with beakers and skeletons in the background.


Read the full articel by James A. Reeves at the Bureau of Manufactured History

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