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Dinner is served… in the bedroom

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  • With a land mass of 1,104sq km and a population of 7 million, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world
  • A man takes a nap on his bed which fills most of the tiny 4ft x 7ft room
  • A family of four tries to get on with everyday life despite living in a room where there is barely space to move
  • Dinner is served... in the bedroom
  • A man tucks into a takeaway as the walls of his room flake off around him
  • No room to swing a cat

They are barely bigger than a toilet cubicle.

Galata Greek Primary School

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  • The school was built in 1853 in Neoclassic style
  • After the Design Biennial 2012 the 13th Istanbul Art Biennial used the school as a venue
  • The building was confiscated by the State Treasory 1989 from a greek-turkish foundation
  • After 23 years the building was given back to the greek turkish foundation in March 2012
  • The building itself is a treasure box with magnificant views to all sides
  • The heads of the Foundation want to turn it into a museum
  • View from the school: Getronagan Armenian Church in Karaköy

The school is used as a Biennial venue for the second time. The exodus of the Greek population of Turkey started after the foundation of the republic. A pogrom against the greek population in 1955 made lots of Istanbulian greeks leave. The schools were left behind orphaned.

We Are Not The Dead

Photographer Lalage Snow, who is currently based in Kabul/ Afghanistan, embarked on an 8-month-long project titled “We Are The Not Dead” featuring portraits of British soldiers before, during, and after their deployment in Afghanistan. Snow captures the innocent expressions of these men transformed into gaunt, sullen faces in less than a year.

Sense of Time

Sense of Time is the first interactive module of the Cultural Internet Platform InEnArt.

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