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Exploding Bulbs

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is jumping for catching the moon. But what seems to result in a clear victory might also be the beginning of a rapid decline.When Erdoğan was mayor of Istanbul, the security court sent him to prison. After his release he overthrew his former patron Necmettin Erbakan.He changed the style of the Islamist’s agitation.

Pizzeria Anarchia

A huge police operation to evict squatters from a house in Vienna’s 2nd district lasted for more than ten hours on Monday.

Pizzeria Anarchia has been cleared by the police in Vienna Monday July 28. TheGründerzeithaus’ in Vienna Mühlfeldgasse will now be restored and converted into money. After ten hours the police succeeded on Monday evening to 19 squatters who had holed up on the third floor to penetrate. The 13 young men and six women were arrested for resisting and assault. A further twelve people who sympathized with the squatters apparently, also fell into police custody.

Resisting Gentrification

Homeowners who refuse to make way – in pictures worldwide


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  • Seoul – A mural was painted on three mattresses belonging to people displaced from the Yongsan area
  • Protests by San Francisco and Oakland residents
  • Two nail houses left isolated on a construction site in Yichang, China
  • A house isolated on a mound on a construction site in Chongqing, south-west China
  • A local family is resisting giving his approval for the demolition of his house in Fikirtepe, Istanbul
  • Gentrification is everywhere - artist Halil Altindere photographed the hip hop group Tahribat-i Isyan on Taksim Square in Istanbul

A dingzihu – or ‘nail house’ – is a home where the owner refuses to accept compensation from a property developer for its demolition in China.


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