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Gerhard Richter: RAF

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RAFRichter’s works about the German autumn 1977 reached the audience in 1988. He pictured the dark room of democracy in Germany. The death of the imprisioned founders of the Red Army Fraction (RAF). It’s a good sign, that the works are exhibited now in the old National Gallery in Berlin, the shrine of German romanticism and the romantic transfigured nationalism.

Gerhard Richter was born to Horst and Hildegard Richter in Dresden on February 9, 1932. He grew up in GDR and moved to the BRD in 1961.

Gerhard Richter was one of the first German artists to reflect on the history of National Socialism, creating paintings of family members who had been members, as well as victims of, the Nazi party. Continuing his historical interest, he produced the 15-part work October 18 1977 1988, a sequence of black and white paintings based on images of the Baader Meinhof group. Richter has continued to respond to significant moments in history throughout his career; the final room of the exhibition includes September 2005, a painting of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York in 2001.

Check out the documentary Children of the Revolution by Shane O’Sullivan at InEnArt

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