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Erdem Gündüz in “Frozen Dreams”


  • Erdem Gunduz in Taksim Square

  • Turkey-Standing-Man_Horo-e1371588124965

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  • "Standing-man-performance", 18th of June 2013.
  • Hundreds of people joined the performanc in the following days in Turkey and worldwide.

During the Gezi uprisings in summer 2013 Erdem Gündüz gained a sudden fame. In the night of the 18th of June, when all the demonstrations on Taksim Square were forbidden, he kept standing in front of the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) staring on the building. The AKM is one of the central cultural palaces in Istanbul and a symbol for the spirit of the early Republican times.

Rafet Arslan: Library of Babel 2, Successive Totems and other Stories


  • Barbarosundüşüşü

  • Damien

  • Bırakişıklaracıkkalsın

  • The fall of Barbaros
  • Let's leave the lights on

Library of Babel 2- “Successive Totems and other Stories”

Rafet Arslan is questioning the relationship between a Totem as an item of eternity and icons, that got pseudo Totems of our daily life and consumerism. The Chanel-bottle, Car-brands and genderbased icons got Totems of a lifestyle, that is falsly confused with an eternity it doesn’t include.

Rafet Arslan: Library of Babel 1- “Ziggurat Tamer”



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  • Atrocity at Outer Space
  • Atrocity at Outer Space
  • Atrocity at Outer Space
  • Hayaka Artı Gallery, Opening at the 16th od January 2013
  • Kiss
  • Ägean Monster

Library of Babel 1 – “Ziggurat Tamer”

The reference of the “Library of Babel” evokes a couple of associations. The famous short story of Jorge Luis Borges’ (1941) describes the architecture of a universe-size Library. The discussion following the text scrolled around the infinity of knowledge regarding endless possibilities of combining knowledge and creating new relations. Several artists have worked on this motive, while Borges himself named a collection of fantastic narrations his “Library of Babel” (1974).

Potatoes for Prussia


  • 800px-Friedrich_II_Tomb_P7140136

  • 800px-Potato_flowers

  • 800px-Der_König_überall2

  • 220px-Van-willem-vincent-gogh-die-kartoffelesser-03850


  • 4623

  • The Grave of Fredric the Great in Potsdam
  • Potato blossoms were a fashion in Europe before their crops were discovered as eatables
  • "Fhe King everywhere" by Robert Warthmüller, Frederick the Great of Prussia examines the potato harvest
  • Vincent van Gogh, The Potato eaters, 1895. Potatoes as a motive were used by artists to illustrate the life standards pf the poor
  • Potato Lasagne

Potatoes are very often stereotyped as an alter ego of German identity. Klischees on other cultures, their dressing style, their eating and drinking habbits, are a very common phenomina.

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