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  • Beer is his magic potion
  • He is saving the poor and is punishing the discriminators

If you still think, Germans have a lack of humour get to know “Superpenner” (Superhomeless), the Superhero of a Comicstrip published in the homeless-magazine “Strassenfeger” (Streetsweeper).

Cartoonist Stefan Lenz is donating his Graphic novel to the magazine, that is usually distributed by homeless in the metro of Berlin. Superhomeless is a guy saving the city. His superpowers are awakened by the consumption of Sternburg Pils, a non-existing beer-brand in Germany.

Politically correct Superhomeless saves the poor and disfranchised and punishes discriminators without any mercy.

Also watch a Cartoon about a female Superhero during the Gezi Park uprisings:

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