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Mahalla Malta Festival: Museum Fortress Builders

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Museum Fortress Builders is located in Valletta across the skyline of Sliema. It displays the history of Fortresses. In the Frame of a European Union using its outskirts as Fortresses  the Mahalla Festival invites for artistic debates on various topics.

The Museum is hosting artists positions around a globalized world-economy in the Conceptual Mahalla Share-House-Shop. Installations from objects out of recycled materials, Photo-documentations and interactive works are inviting for reflections of various topics central in Malta and Europe right now.

Turkish Artist Murat Germen will build up a grid of Photos around rapid urbanism in Istanbul in a dialogue with urbanisation in Malta. Maltese Artist Raphael Vella works around the sickness societies should be cured of. Austrian Designer Zitta Schnitt will install an object in the shape of a wave made out of PET-Purses. She invented a technique to manufacture wallets out of Plastic bottles. Poetic Photographs display the drama of the rescuing missions that were just stopped in front of Malta and Italy. Performances of the Golddess hunting for Fame and Glitter will reappear in different locations unexpectedly, reflecting the spectacle of daily life in a post factual time.

Drawings, Clothing, Design Objects and high-quality handcraft will be for sale. They are pleading in a witty way for Fair-Trade, Sustainability, Slow Food and Diversity in Design. The visitors have the opportunity to access high quality, unique products representing the spirit of the Mahalla Festival to fair prices.


  • Museum Fortress Builders
  • The Fortress Builders is located in Valetta just above the Ferry Port to Sliema
  • From the Terrace you overview Valletta on the one side and the skyline of Sliema on the other side. Once a Fisher-town Sliema is undergoing rapid gentrification and is exposed to real estate speculations.
  • On the Ground and First Floor the history around Fortresses is displayed
  • The Library on the Third Floor will host the conceptual Mahalla Share House Shop
  • The Library isn't used for some time. The Festival will use the existing items to rearrange the space to a place of artistic debate around work and consumption in a globalized economic system and its effect on individuals.
  • In the Hall just beside the Library Photographer Darrin Zammit Lupi will create a set up of works he produced in the past years as a kind of entrance to the topics in the Shop.




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