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Feminist Cartoonists comment on the Language of Violence

Written by Sabine Küper on . Posted in Subversives, Urban Chant

The Turkish Feminist Cartoon magazine “Bayan Yanı” appeared on the 8th of March 2010 for the first time. Feburary 2013 the 18th issue appeared. The Video is made from stills shot from a Photo story they made.

They are commenting on a series of violent attacks against Armenian Women in Istanbul. Four were attacked in their houses. Two women in their eighties were killed, 80 year old Vehibe Ç.survived. The attacker had claimed to be an electrician, sent by the houseowner to fix something. 87 year old T.A. was attacked with a knife in her flat, the person stole her jewellery.

“Örendayan”, a Superpowerwoman wearing a knitted Superdress,is hiding her identity and dresses like (the Caricature) of an Armenian old Lady.

Superwomen Örendayan is walking down the streets of Samatya for trying to lure the monster of “Samatya”. Samatya” is a quarter in Istanbul, where Armenians were settling in the past. Nowadays only a few are left. A couple of elder Armenian Females got killed in the last two month there. “Örendayan” manages to attrack the murderer. He attacks her in her flat, she unfolds her Superpowers and crucifies the monster. Well done!

The Photo stories about a female Superhero are smart transformations of the traditional symbolism of power. Mostly Stone monuments in urban spaces formed the traditional images of power: Lenin and Stalin in the Sowjetunion, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Turkey. This monuments are one of the beloved surfaces for urban explorers like Graffiti artists. A female Cartoon-Superhero in action is another kind of subversive attack on traditional representativeness.

Cast: Hüseyin Erer, Raziye İçoğlu, Adnan Şahbaz, Örendayan. Photos by Zafer Aknar. Dresses: Raziye İçoğlu, Decoration: Güneri İçoğlu. Screenplay and Director of the Photostory: Tuncay Akgün

Video: Sabine Küper-Büsch
Music: Modified Soundtrack of the serial “Twin Peaks” by David Lynch

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  • 2013-02-20 17.35.06

  • The Turkish Feminist monthly magazine "Bayan Yanı" "What are you searching for in Istanbul, when you had two kids". Cover illustration by Ramize Erer.
  • "The last picture Sarai could shoot: a stone". From İpek Özsüslü
  • "Buddy, we don't like foreigners, and we really dislike women a lot." From İpek Özsüslü
  • "Why did you come to Istanbul?"

The magazines solid solidarity with murder victim Sarai Sierra (33) was the most convincing comment on the tragic topic.

The American photographer had spent her holidays in Istanbul in January and got lost on the day of her expected departure 21st of January. Later she was found murdered with her head deadly injured with a brick.

Lots of speculations had been made. Has she been a spy or a drug smuggler? And how could she dare to book her hostel over the Internet and try to contact people there as well? The most mean comment for me was the pseudo-feminist question, “do you first have to be an American Tourist to get attention in case you get murdered? There are so many lost and murdered women in Turkey.”

Yes there are, but that was not the fault of this person.

Sexism and racism iş a very big trap. Noone claiming to care for human rights should stumble into it. Go out, shout, really get loud, but don’t mock on victims!

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